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What Does The Year of The Ox Have to do with Fitness?
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Are you looking to kick-start the Year of the Ox with an upgrade in your fitness regimen? If you’re ready to break some sweat in the gym with a new fitness plan, let’s see how the year of the Ox may be the inspiration you need this year! Are you ready? Click for a FREE consultation! The date February 12, 2021, marks the start of the “Year of the Ox”...
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What does health mean to you? The answer to this question changes as we age. Health in our late teens and twenties typically means looking good and/or achieving in sports. As we get closer to 30, our goals start to shift towards FEELING GOOD. Things like having enough energy to keep up with our days, or getting good sleep start to creep in.  As we get into our 40’s and...
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How to Lighten up the Holidays
It’s that time of year again! Starbucks has started celebrating with its eggnog lattes and cranberry bliss bars. This doesn’t mean that you have to too! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holiday’s! What I don’t like though is that feeling you get around Dec 28th or so when you can barely button up your pants and the arms of your shirts start to feel unusually tight! How can you...
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CO2 Monitors keep Gyms Safe
Benefits of CO2/COVID Monitors in The Gym
The monitoring of the indoor climate of a gym can play a fundamental role in the protection of our health and potential COVID-19 transmission. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitors are a great metric that informs us how frequently the air in the gym is exchanged. This is particularly important during a pandemic such as COVID-19, being able to monitor the air exchange allows us to monitor CO2 and the likelihood of...
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Personal Training in Vancouver
Are You Training for Performance or General Health?
Training for Performance or General Health? We all start off our fitness journey with some type of main goal in mind, whether this is to lose weight, gain muscle, or to lead a more active lifestyle. Our decisions to start training are mostly aimed at improving our overall general health. Generally speaking, gaining muscle and reducing fat make us healthier, and leading an active lifestyle protects us from health issues....
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Caroline Mundell
Your Lifeline to Best Health Practices
Your gym is your community, your support system, your place to go to get away from the stress in your life and work on your own personal health! It is the place you reached out to when you needed guidance, structure and accountability. So in this time uncertainty, a time when staying healthy and strong is more important than ever, know that YOUR GYM AND ITS COACHES HAVE GOT YOUR...
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