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What Does The Year of The Ox Have to do with Fitness? - Function Health Club

What Does The Year of The Ox Have to do with Fitness?

Are you looking to kick-start the Year of the Ox with an upgrade in your fitness regimen? If you’re ready to break some sweat in the gym with a new fitness plan, let’s see how the year of the Ox may be the inspiration you need this year!

The date February 12, 2021, marks the start of the “Year of the Ox” from the Chinese zodiac sign and is regarded as the second animal in the zodiac following the Rat. The Ox zodiac sign represents positivity, honesty, and hard work that are elements we all need after a year of uncertainty as the global pandemic rumbles on this year. With increased levels of anxiety, the positivity and hard work of the Ox can be something that we can all take real inspiration from this year.

The year of the “Metal Ox” as it is known, will commence on February 12, 2021 on Chinese New Year, and will continue until January 31, 2022. So let’s take a deep dive into what the year of the Ox will have in store for us, and what this could mean for our fitness goals this year.

What Does the Year of the Ox Mean? 

A popular myth goes that the Jade Emperor revealed that the order of the animals will be decided with respect to the order in which they will be arriving at the party. The Ox was expected to arrive first, but the Ox was tricked out by Rat. As soon as they both arrived at the party, the Rat jumped up and landed just ahead of Ox. This is where the tag of the Ox as the second animal came from in the Chinese zodiac sign.

In the Chinese culture, the Ox is a highly regarded and valued animal. It is known for its primary role in the field of agriculture and its positive characteristics. The Ox is associated with affirmative traits of personality like honesty, hard work but one of the most important traits of the Ox is its strength! 

In fitness, some of these Ox characteristics to look out for are diligence, persistence, dependability, and determination.  

Astrological Background of the Year of the Ox 

Chinese culture is known to make use of the lunar calendar for respective festive occasions. The New Year falls between late January and early February each year, with the new year representing one of the  12 animal zodiac signs. 

These 12 animal zodiac signs are then used as a method to name relevant years in the calendar with certain animal characteristics. Each of these animals represent particular personality traits for the people who were born in the year of their respective animal sign. These animal zodiac signs are then believed to radiant out energy in accordance with the relevant sign for that particular year among the global population. This year, that energy we will feel is of that from the Ox zodiac sign!

Characteristics of The Ox 

If you’re lucky to be born in the Year of the Ox, then you should be aware of some of the important characteristics and personality traits. 

Those born in the Year of the Ox tend to be reliable, fair, strong, and conscientious. At the same time, they are known to be patient, calm, trustworthy, and methodical. People born in the Year of the Ox are generally confident, while strongly believing in themselves in any given task or project. 

Other characteristics of people born in the year of the Ox include being stubborn and a drive for challenging obstacles with a sheer determination to meet them head-on. In relation to fitness, these are some of the beneficial characteristics for any driven fitness enthusiast looking to crush their workout goals in the near year.  

Ox’s are known for their Diligence, Dependability, Strength, and Determination all of which can help you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Embrace the Year of The Ox 

The year 2021 is the perfect year to leverage the Year of the Ox to embrace and finally achieve those fitness goals.

Our team at Function Health Club is available to customize your fitness regimen to ensure you fully achieve these goals in 2021, with the true strength of the Ox. Our coaches will guide you through every step of the fitness plan while helping you to ignite your true inner motivation for health and wellness. 

Diligence, Dependability, Strength, & Determination

The diligence of an Ox is the ability for continued determination and effort to achieve any task or goal.  Having a desire to make progress, Ox’s achieve their goals with consistent effort every time and so can you to with the right guidance. 

Our coaches understand that any changes take time in your fitness, and we are committed to helping you improve every step of the way.  We believe by implementing some of these key traits of the Ox into your workout routine, you will be able to achieve any fitness goals that you set your mind to.

Prior to implementing any action, Ox’s are known to set out a clear path with a series of detailed steps to achieve their specific goal. These steps are carefully set out for continued progress, whilst applying strong determination and physical strength to back up the progress.

Our Team at Function Health Club can help construct a tailored plan for you with detailed steps for progression along the way. We believe just like the Ox, that with the right planning to help you achieve your fitness goals this will be achieved with dedication and hard work.

The year 2021 and the year of the Ox is the perfect time to embrace this energy and take that action now towards a fitter and healthier you!

Predictions for the Ox in 2021 

The year of the Ox in 2021 may be a turbulent one with everything going on in the world right now. Whilst you might face unexpected challenges this year, your health goals don’t have to be put to the wayside! Use the Ox energy of determination and strength to push through and  pursue your fitness goals. Get in contact with us today so our team can prepare a tailored fitness plan to ensure you achieve your goals this year with the help of our personal trainers.  

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