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Blonyx- Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Whether you are looking to age well, improve strength, increase cardiovascular output or simply just fuel your body with optimal nutrition, Blonyx has you covered. Founder, Caroline Mundell- 59kg Masters Weightlifter, 4x Provincial Masters Champion and record holder, 2019 National Champion and record holder and 2018 Bronze Medalist at the World Masters Olympic Lifting Championships uses blonyx products to maximize her training and recovery.

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2 Guys

2 Guys with Knives is a super convenient and affordable meal delivery service designed to skyrocket you towards your goals. If your mantra is to maintain your health, lose fat or build muscle, every meal counts. Tested and approved by our trainers, their weekly menu is created with a balance of lean protein, low glycemic carbohydrates & tasty veggie combinations that are entirely gluten-free, customizable and designed around the highest of fitness nutrition guidelines.  Function Health Club have partnered with 2guys with knives to become the elite Personal Trainer and Nutritionist club in Vancouver and Port Coquitlam.

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Vitasave provides seamless online and in person shopping for all your health and wellness needs. Located around the corner from our Homer St location in Vancouver, it’s our go to spot for restocking supplements and grabbing amazing smoothies and food! We recommend setting up an account online to get access to some amazing deals!

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Deka Comp

Deka Comp is our partner in programming for our Port Coquitlam Group Training Programs. Deka Comp programs are based on the CrossFit methodology and have been designed by athletes such as Michele Letendra, who has competed at the CrossFit Games multiple times and is a Regional Canadian East coast champion!

The Best Vancouver is a fantastic resource for recommendations on a wide variety of products and services in the Greater Vancouver Area. We are very pleased to have been selected as one of The Best Gyms in Vancouver! Click here to check out more of their great recommendations.

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