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Your Lifeline to Best Health Practices

Your Lifeline to Best Health Practices

Caroline Mundell

Your gym is your community, your support system, your place to go to get away from the stress in your life and work on your own personal health! It is the place you reached out to when you needed guidance, structure and accountability.

So in this time uncertainty, a time when staying healthy and strong is more important than ever, know that YOUR GYM AND ITS COACHES HAVE GOT YOUR BACK! 

Small gyms or CrossFit boxes are NOT the same as big box gyms, they do not have the same level of infection risk and their members will all work together to keep the space clean. Please know that your gym owners are following updates closely and acting in accordance with the recommendations. If your gym is not shutting its doors, it is because it is a low risk space for spreading the disease.

Many of your gym owners originally opened up their gym because they were passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves. They relate to, and may have gone through, many of the same struggles you have gone through to find balance in your life and after many years of trial and error, they have proven methods and support systems to help guide you down the road to optimal health.

These same people can help you now. Not only CAN they help you, but it is in their DNA to do EVERYTHING possible to keep you healthy and on track during this uncertain time.

As a mom, a gym owner, an athlete, and a person, I want to ask each and everyone of you to reach out to your health leaders and ask for alternatives and support. Cancelling your membership or putting it on hold should be the last thing you want to do. For many gyms, having all their members hold their memberships means that they may not be able to open their doors again. This may sound extreme, but I promise you none of them went into this business for the money!

Many facilities have implemented the following to give members alternative options to maintain their training and nutrition routines:

  • In Home Workout Options
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Video Training Sessions
  • Online Programming or Customized workouts
  • Nutrition Challenges
  • Facebook Support Groups 

Again, please take some time to think about what will best serve you and your health over these next weeks and months! If you are not sure, ask your gym owners, that’s what they were put on this earth to do! Guide and help!

Remember, the media is sending out a lot of information. Some of the information is correct and some is straight up scare tactics (which may very well help with keeping the COVID-19 Virus under control). As a small business owner, and gym owner, we are following this information closely. I know, because I am in a private group of over 1,000 gym owners and fitness professionals from around the globe, who are sharing best practices, plans, tactics and generally supporting each other through this process.

Below are some of the more trusted sites, with links to a variety of good information:

I hope this helps you navigate through the next few months and keeps you connected to you health and wellness support network so that you can stay healthy and strong!