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What does health mean to you? The answer to this question changes as we age. Health in our late teens and twenties typically means looking good and/or achieving in sports. As we get closer to 30, our goals start to shift towards FEELING GOOD. Things like having enough energy to keep up with our days, or getting good sleep start to creep in. 

As we get into our 40’s and 50’s the idea of maintaining our health as we age becomes the primary focus. This focus has been even more prevalent now that we have all spent the last year in the midst of a COVID 19 pandemic that has threatened our health and our ability to enjoy the life we intended to lead.  I would suggest that people of all ages are thinking of their longterm health and how important it is to maintain as the years go on. Many of us have seen a decline in our health due to stress, lack of physical activity and for some just plain old boredom!

So how do we navigate prioritizing our health in this new weird world? What tools can we use to stay motivated, be held accountable and achieve success? Here are my top 5 recommendations

  1. Online Health Coaching
    • Health Coaches work with you to assess and create a plan not only for your fitness needs but also for your overall lifestyle! They can help you set up a schedule for your day, meal plans to fit your macro needs along with a clear fitness plan to get you to your goals. Health Coaches are there by your side every step of the way and will hold you accountable with compassion and care! BEST FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED NUTRITION AND WORKOUT GUIDANCE PLUS ACCOUNTABILITY. 
  2. Virtual Personal Training
    • Virtual Personal Training has really come to the forefront due to COVID19. Training at home under the guidance of a trainer can be not only safe, but exceptionally convenient as it cuts out travel time! You can get all the same results as you would in the gym without any of the hassle of navigating all the new COVID requirements. BEST FOR PEOPLE WANTING PERSONALIZED COACHING AND PROGRAMS THAT CAN BE DONE AT ANY LOCATION, BE IT HOME OR THE OFFICE!
  3. Online Group Training
    • Online fitness classes have always been available, but the quality was not always there and many classes feel generic and impersonal. If the typical “cheerleader” or “drill sergeant” style of group training isn’t your thing, I highly recommend checking out our Function Virtual Classes with Coach June. Coach June takes the time to connect with her group class members. Classes feel much more personalized and are well suited for all fitness levels. Real coaches helping real people is the way of the future! BEST FOR PEOPLE LOOKING TO CONNECT WITH LIKEMINDED SUPPORTIVE INDIVIDUALS FOR UPBEAT AND FUN WORKOUTS!
  4. Face Book Community Groups
    • Ok, so some of these Facebook community pages can turn into a never-ending complaining outlet! I know… I have seen it happen! BUT… there are also many great groups that have a supportive and caring vibe! Check out our HEALTH FIRST COLLECTIVE to get an idea of what’s out there! BEST FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT FITNESS AND NUTRITION OR ARE LOOKING FOR INFORMATION AND IDEAS TO HELP THEM!
      • Things to look for in a community group:
      • 1) Rules. Make sure they have a set of rules that keeps members on track.
      • 2) Requires an invite or you must request access. 
  5. Health Tracking Technology, Apps or Subscriptions
    • There are so many different health tracking tools out there! Apple watches, Whoop, FitBit, My Fitness Pal and the list goes on! All of these can be beneficial. I highly recommend combining these technologies with one of the above 4 options to have some human accountability. You can also reach out to us directly to get early access to our Virtual Fitness Channel launching this spring! BEST FOR PEOPLE THAT WANT THAT EXTRA PUSH AND ARE ALREADY ENGAGED WITH A COACH FOR FITNESS AND NUTRITION GUIDANCE!

Again, your health is more important than ever! With all the struggle that 2020 has brought us, it has also brought us an opportunity to assess our current lifestyle and make the changes we need to stay healthy moving forward. Embrace this new weird world and give some of these options a try! You may be surprised at how just a little bit of support can keep you determined, motivated and on track with your goals!