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What does “Success” mean for your Fitness Journey?
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Success in health and fitness doesn't always look the way we expect it to. In fact, sometimes it can be difficult to recognize because it doesn't fit the traditional mold of what we think success should look like. This can...
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What are the Top 5 Factors to look for in a Personal Trainer?
Having a personal trainer can bring many benefits to your fitness journey. A personal trainer can provide individualized attention and tailor a workout plan to your specific goals and needs. They can also help you stay accountable and motivated, as...
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Maintain your Fitness Over the Holidays
10 Tips for Maintaining your Fitness over the Holidays
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The holiday season is a time for celebrating with friends and family, but it can also be a time when our fitness routines take a back seat. We get it, we're all human! With all of the parties, gatherings, and...
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Top 5 Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer
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Working with a personal trainer can be a great investment in your health and fitness. Personal trainers are experts in the field of exercise and can help you achieve your fitness goals in a safe and effective manner. Here are...
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Function Wins Business Resiliency Award!
We are very proud to announce that Function Health Club has won the 2022 Business Resiliency Award from Impact Magazine! This award was granted to us for our commitment to helping our community and our team navigate through the COVID19...
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Is it Worth Getting a Personal Trainer?
How many times have you asked yourself "is it worth it getting a personal trainer?" More than we can count. But what if we told you the answer is yes? Personal trainers help people of all fitness levels and ages...
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