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What is Active Rehab?

Active rehabilitation is personalized care that uses active movement for regaining motion and function. It can be performed under supervision by physical therapists or occupational therapists or independently (by family members who want to help loved ones).

Benefits of active rehabilitation may include:

– Early mobility & decreased pain  through early active therapy after surgery or illness By moving when you have an opportunity to do so, rather than waiting until your condition improves, you decrease pain and stiffness while strength and energy levels. And you can get active when your pain levels are relatively low.

– Improved focus on functional goals  as active rehab teaches patients to think about what they can do, rather than what is gone or wrong with them By focusing on strengthening the functions you have remaining, active rehab may actually help us re-focuses attention on functions that are being overlooked due to injury or illness.

– Reduced reliance on health care professionals  when early active rehabilitation helps reduce pain and improve function You’ll save time not having to return for future appointments. Dividing any necessary home exercises between family members saves everyone money. And you can handle more of your own healthcare needs in general, if given some information about how to care of yourself after surgery or illness.

– Longer active therapy sessions  when active rehab is used in the early stages of recovery Your active therapy session can be longer, because it may begin before you have a lot of pain or other symptoms that limit movement. Starting active therapy early also gives you more time to strengthen whatever function you have left and to restore motion without your prior level of strength.

– Increased overall activity Using active rehab from an early point can help get you out doing things earlier than if you wait for your strength levels to improve. So active rehab benefits everyone who uses it, no matter what age or medical condition they have.

– A sense of active control  and active participation in your own recovery When you’re active during active rehab, it’s about more than simply moving. You’re actually doing something to improve your condition.

– Active exercise options for those who may not be able to do traditional therapy exercises Some active rehab activities are easier to do than others. These programs allow you to perform certain movements based on what is comfortable and safe for you, rather than limiting you by the number of repetitions or level of intensity. This makes active rehabilitation an option even if your medical condition prevents completing traditional physical therapy or occupational therapy exercises.

Conclusion paragraph: When it comes to recovery, passive care is not enough. Active rehabilitation uses active movement for regaining motion and function. Our experts are highly educated in this personalized form of recovery that takes into account your individual needs and abilities so you can return to the things you love most as quickly as possible! Learn more about our services by contacting us today at Function Health Club or follow us on Facebook!