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Junior Weightlifting Club

Our Junior Weighting Club program takes place 3-5 times per week and is designed to introduce youth to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting!

Our Philosophy

Our classes are geared towards youth who are interested in learning about the sport of Olympic Weightlifting under the watchful eyes of our qualified weightlifting coaches. Whether they have the desire to become a competitive weightlifting athlete, or simply want to use weightlifting as a tool to excel in their chosen sport, your children are guaranteed to have fun while learning to become proficient movers.

Our Junior Weightlifting Club focuses on the long-term athletic development model (LTAD) in order to enhance muscular strength, power, speed, mobility, coordination, precision, and bodily awareness. While the emphasis will be on learning the snatch and the clean and jerk, your children will also learn basic movements, which will transfer to improved movement quality. These movements include, but are not limited to, squats, deadlifts, push-ups, and pull-ups. All movements are taught with the intention of enhancing long-term health and wellness.

In addition, they will learn our valued principles of discipline, commitment, respect, and integrity. Our hope is to build physically and mentally strong children so that they can become outstanding individuals.

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