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Vancouver Gym Memberships

At Function Health Club, your Vancouver gym memberships gets you to be part of a small community of members. With plenty of equipment and a membership cap, we are never overcrowded, giving you the space to get your workout done on your terms.

Our gym is generally at or near our membership cap. If you’re interested in signing up, or going on our wait list, contact us below!

Welcome to your new gym! We offer a great selection of cardio, strength training equipment, barbells, dumbbells and more. With multiple areas to stretch, roll, skip, our longstanding membership cap ensures you always have your space.

The facility offers private and shared bathrooms, showers and towel service to keep your day moving. If you are looking for a gym to get your training done, you’ve found it.

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About Our Memberships At Function Health Club

Connie has helped me get closer to my health and nutrition goals, and continues to do so. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and has provided me with great advice. I decided to seek Connie’s help after years of frustration in meal planning and grocery shopping. With her help, I have discovered the beauty in cooking with fresh ingredients versus the readily available canned and processed food. Through her extensive knowledge in the field, I am able to assess my meal patterns and incorporate other beneficial ingredients into my meals. I greatly appreciate the help with meal planning, food prep, and information on various ingredients. Now when I grocery shop or cook, I pay closer attention to ingredients, how things were prepped and what I can do to ensure my meal is the healthiest. Thank you for instilling the confidence in me!

Connie has been really helpful in guiding me through my nutritional goals. As a personal trainer I’ve realized how important healthy eating is for myself as well as my clients! The recipes and insight she has provided is definitely “upping my game.”

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