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Post Natal Training

The first few months after baby arrives are hectic for any mom. Function Health Club’s post natal training programs have helped many women recover faster, feel more energized, and become the best moms they can. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is getting back into the groove of exercising again after carrying a child around in your belly for so long. But congratulations—now you need to do double duty because chasing your little ones will help build muscles that aid in recovery! That’s where we come in and help you with physical training to become the best version of yourself.

Be the best mom you can be

Have you been struggling to get back in shape? Don’t just put it off, take a solution. Function Health Club’s postnatal trainings are customized for moms so that they can pay attention to how activities can help promote an active lifestyle without putting too much pressure on the body.

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Strengthen the pelvic floor, stomach muscles, and abs

Manipulate your way to a more active lifestyle, post-baby! Function Health Club is great for rebuilding any of the muscles in the pelvic floor while you heal. Strengthening this area will ensure ease while walking or lifting your baby, not to mention better bladder control! Schedule your consultation today!

Become confident in your postnatal body

Investing in your postnatal regime is the best way to become confident. It will help empower you and your family while growing into a stronger version of yourself!

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What our members are saying

Jonathan is the best instructor out there, he’s so friendly and has so much energy! Awesome class! Very challenging class and you definitely feel sore for a few days. Would recommend!

Neil is Awesome! It’s a well structured class. I loved it. Neil was knowledgeable and was accommodating of my needs!

Ryan gave helpful guidance and a time-efficient for whole body workout. 1 min stations, AMRAP, minimal rest. feels like a visit to the physio but getting a much tougher workout! Perfect combo!

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