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Performance Personal Training

Function Health Club in Vancouver and Port Coquitlam offers Sports Performance Personal Training which breaks down complex movement patterns into manageable components and integrates them together to create an innovative exercise regime. Our group fitness classes and one-on-one training held by a performance coach who pushes you harder by challenging your abilities in ways that keep things exciting, interesting and most importantly – fun! We believe functional training is better because it helps athletes improve their physical function as well as mobility for pain-free living.

Progressive Overload

Achieving desired performance goals varies on an individual’s fitness level, sport, and specific achievement goals. That’s why our team of coaches will help you set the right pace to achieve your personal performance goal through progressive overload.

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Voted Top Trainers Nationally!

At Function Health Club, you get the best of elite training programs with top level fitness professionals that know what they’re doing. It’s perfect for athletes who want to take their game to the next level!

Avoid plateau and keep progressing

When the best athletes in the world need their performance boosted, they tap into Functional Performance Personal Training. Why? It’s effective, consistent and individualized to meet their needs for peak performance! Our coaches are credentialed experts who can help you maximize your strengths while minimizing or avoiding weaknesses—so that your energy is always focused on performing at your highest level.

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What our members are saying

Jonathan is the best instructor out there, he’s so friendly and has so much energy! Awesome class! Very challenging class and you definitely feel sore for a few days. Would recommend!

Neil is Awesome! It’s a well structured class. I loved it. Neil was knowledgeable and was accommodating of my needs!

Ryan gave helpful guidance and a time-efficient for whole body workout. 1 min stations, AMRAP, minimal rest. feels like a visit to the physio but getting a much tougher workout! Perfect combo!

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