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Olympic Lifting Personal Trainers in Vancouver and Port Coquitlam

Ever feel like your workouts are never quite enough? Whether it be in the gym or on stage, we’re here for you. At Function Health Club, an Olympic lifting personal trainer will help design a program that’s tailored to success and YOUR specific needs- no matter what they may be!
Our coaches know how hard everyone pushes themselves when all eyes (and cameras) are watching; let us take care of everything else so YOU can do whatever necessary without worrying about counting reps/sets etc., plus get back some much needed rest before next training session starts up again…

Your Dedicated Coach

Having an Olympic Lifting Personal Trainer will provide you with a tailored diet and workout program that helps to create better performance. Whether it’s on the field or stage, they’ll be your secret weapon for success!

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Train with athletes

The Function Health Club offers the best of elite training programs with top level fitness professionals to help you take your game as far as possible. At this health club, we provide an atmosphere that is perfect for athletes looking to go above and beyond what they could do alone!

lift the weight to the next level

When you want to take your athleticism to the next level, hiring an Olympic lifting personal trainer is the key to your success. It’s not about working on your weaknesses, it’s all about maximizing strengths and helping you perform at a high level every time! Our coaches will provide customized training sessions that match an individual athlete with specific goals for peak performance.

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What our members are saying

Jonathan is the best instructor out there, he’s so friendly and has so much energy! Awesome class! Very challenging class and you definitely feel sore for a few days. Would recommend!

Neil is Awesome! It’s a well structured class. I loved it. Neil was knowledgeable and was accommodating of my needs!

Ryan gave helpful guidance and a time-efficient for whole body workout. 1 min stations, AMRAP, minimal rest. feels like a visit to the physio but getting a much tougher workout! Perfect combo!

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