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Functional Strength Training

Function Health Club’s Functional Strength Training incorporates foundational strength and conditioning principles along with Functional Fitness methodology. The workouts are hard but anyone can do them! Trained coaches will be there to help you, and we offer alternative movements for all fitness levels.


Function Health Club is the place for all of your training needs. We offer Functional Strength Training that is innovative to meet every fitness level with trained coaches on hand, both at their gym and your home or office! Whether you want to work out in the comfort of your own backyard or travel for an outdoor workout, Function will help you do it! Come check them out today!

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Foundations Bootcamp

Our trainers will push you to your limits, but if you’ve never exercised before – don’t worry! With our wide range of exercise routines, there’s something for everyone. We offer specialty classes so that our clients can train with other people who have their own fitness goals.

Improve your overall health and fitness

We know you need strength. Whether it’s for your day-to-day, to recover from an injury, or to reach a personal goal. You want results that endure, that are empowering and fit into your busy life. At Function Health Club, our expert trainers design workouts based on the needs of each person who walks through our doors.

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What our members are saying

Jonathan is the best instructor out there, he’s so friendly and has so much energy! Awesome class! Very challenging class and you definitely feel sore for a few days. Would recommend!

Neil is Awesome! It’s a well structured class. I loved it. Neil was knowledgeable and was accommodating of my needs!

Ryan gave helpful guidance and a time-efficient for whole body workout. 1 min stations, AMRAP, minimal rest. feels like a visit to the physio but getting a much tougher workout! Perfect combo!

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