About Port Coquitlam CrossFit

About Port Coquitlam CrossFit

Port Coquitlam CrossFit is the Tri-Cities premier CrossFit facility, located in Fremont Village. We are a strength and conditioning gym dedicated to making a fitter, healthier and happier community. Our CrossFit gym is comprised of knowledgeable, experienced and passionate coaches of whom work with a diverse community that includes doctors, policemen, firemen, teachers, soccer moms, grandparents, teens and everything in between.

Port Coquitlam CrossFit incorporates CrossFit methodology in its program design. In other words we focus on functional movements- those that relate to life and sport- and executing these movements at varied intensity to achieve our client’s’ goals. The workouts are hard, but not impossible. What is CrossFit? Learn more.

Our CrossFit program is infinitely scalable and can be used with any population, regardless of size, age or experience. Nervous? Port Coquitlam CrossFit coaches are experienced and highly qualified to guide you each step of the way.


  • Goal oriented programming that is proven to be safe and effective
  • The largest class schedule with over 50 classes per week
  • Variety of classes to fit with your goals
  • One of the largest facilities in the area with 3,500 square feet of gym space
  • Incredibly equipped facility with a vast array of equipment to utilize including Concept 2 rowing machines, Airdyne Bikes, over 20 men & women barbells, 1,000’s of pounds of bumper plates, sleds, ropes, kettlebells, and the list goes on and on

Our CrossFit gym in Port Coquitlam is best known for its welcoming community and passtionate, experienced coaches. From the expert training to the challenging, but fun atmosphere, every athlete is set up for success.

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