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What are the Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting? - Function Health Club

What are the Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting?

What are the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting? Olympic lifting is best known for its ability to increase strength and explosive power.  Fun Fact: The Snatch is actually the fastest movement in sport! In order to be proficient in Olympic lifting, a person also needs to have good mobility and coordination. By adding Olympic lifting into your training program, you will be challenged to make improvements in both strength and flexibility, thus making it a great addition to anyone wanting to find something new and exciting to train in the gym! Olympic lifting also builds lean dense muscle. If you look at Olympic lifters physique, it is very well balanced with exceptional development of the legs and back. In short, Olympic lifting is a fun challenge for anyone wanting to improve their overall fitness.


Olympic Weightlifting is better utilized for sports performance, here are 5 benefits to training Olympic Weightlifting:

  • It’s an Olympic sport: Weightlifting consists of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Athletes that compete in Olympic weightlifting aim to lift the most combined weight by performing 3 attempts at the Snatch, followed by 3 attempts of the Clean and Jerk. These lifts are also seen throughout CrossFit and the sport of Function Fitness as well. Competing is not a requirement for learning Olympic lifting, in fact training with weights in this way will help you get stronger faster while improving your coordination in daily life.
  • It improves our explosiveness: The Olympic lifts are one of the most popular lifting exercises because they improve our explosiveness. The increased nervous system ability to recruit all motor units at once for a single burst makes this movement more powerful than other movements.
  • Improved coordination and athleticism: The most common type of weight training is good for improving our coordination and general strength, but Olympic-style lifting has been shown to be more beneficial if you play sports that require speed or power.
  • All around general fitness: Olympic Weightlifting is good for your general fitness, especially when done in higher rep ranges and with shorter rest times. This type of training may not be ideal if you want to stimulate muscle growth, but it’s quite effective at improving overall health.
  • Bone density: Olympic weightlifting is a fantastic way to improve our bone density and toughness. The impact from throwing weights up and catching will help you feel more solid on contact sports, as it’s similar in sensation.

Olympic weightlifting is a sport that can be used to improve aspects of your general athleticism, such as strength and coordination. It’s often included in workouts for athletes because it helps them develop better movement techniques while also making their muscles stronger, which translates into improved performance. At Function Health Club, our coaches work with you to make sure that whatever your goals are, you achieve them, and that you receive these 5 benefits in droves. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or book your free consult to learn more.