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Summer Fitness Tips | Function Health Club

Fitness Tips for Summer!

As we roll into summer… and hopefully some sunshine, we  wanted to share a few tips for staying consistent!

Summer time means changes in schedules, after work drinks, weekend BBQ’s and typically a variety of vacations!

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you cruise through the next few months:

  1. Maintain – Summer is a great time to focus on maintaining your current fitness while enjoying the ebb and flow of all the fun events that come your way! Stress less about the details, and have faith that by continuing to show up and put in the work, you will be in a good place to refocus in the Fall!
  2. Manage – Extra events tends to mean extra food! For some of us this is stressful as we feel pressured to join in or we may simply just want to join in on eating all the treats! For every event or holiday, aim to chose one thing that you really want to have and actively chose to pass up offers of treats or drinks that aren’t your absolute favourite! This can really minimize your overall caloric intake and still allow you to enjoy some of the yummy stuff!
  3. Make it up – Can’t get into the gym for a class or your regular PT session? That’s ok! Make it up with workout at home or on the road! Something is always better than nothing and with maintenance being our primary goal, a quick body weight workout is all you need to keep your self feeling good! Try adding in one of our Function BodyWeight Workouts! (see attachment) These are great for when you are away on holiday, but also great for those days when you can’t make it in to your regular class!

Did you know that at Function, we have part time memberships that allow you to maintain your strength over the summer, while still taking advantage of all that Vancouver has to offer outdoors? Connect with us here and book in for a free chat!