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Client Success Story - Julien Stuart-Smith - Function Health Club

Client Success Story – Julien Stuart-Smith

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Julien has been a personal training client with Function Health Club for a little over 6 months. About a year ago Julien suffered an ACL injury from skiing which required reconstructive surgery. Julien is an athlete through and through, she was even a member of the Canadian National Downhill Ski Team, and so you can imagine how tough this must have been on her psychologically to go from being able to basically do whatever she wanted to barely being able to walk. But she has that athlete focus and athlete will to succeed and since that time she has been rehabilitating and building her body back to where it was before, if not better. Watch her amazing ability to focus and push herself during this workout, you can see the athlete mentality is still very strong in her. Your story of overcoming adversity is an inspiration to us all Julien! It has been a real pleasure watching you come back from your injury and we’re excited for you to get back to the recreational activities you love like skiing and tennis. Keep up the good work!