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BirthFit Part 3: Tips for keeping fit during weeks 13 to 27 (2nd Trimester) - Function Health Club

BirthFit Part 3: Tips for keeping fit during weeks 13 to 27 (2nd Trimester)

As part of our overall commitment to helping our members and the community achieve their health goals, we recognize that as an expecting or postpartum mom, it’s often hard to know what is “right” to do in order to stay healthy and active during and after a pregnancy. That’s why we’re introducing part three of our BirthFit series.

This multi-part blog series comes from Janina Schmidt, our certified BIRTHFIT Coach and facility manager. Check Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t yet. Take it away Janina!

How do you integrate fitness into your life when your pregnancy progresses (2nd trimester weeks 13-27)?

During the first trimester, lots of adaptations are happening in the body. Hormonal changes happen, and blood and heart volume increase. All of these changes contribute to the well-known feelings of nausea and fatigue. But with your pregnancy progressing, most adaptations will be in place at the beginning of your second trimester. So at this point, your energy usually returns and you will feel strong again to tackle your workouts.

On the other hand, now is the time that the pregnancy will start to show. With the belly growing, the centre of gravity is shifting and the rib cage is elevating and widening to make room for the baby. Naturally, the curve in your spine is going to become more arched (lumbar lordosis), which can put more pressure on your lower back. Be aware and remember to always move with intention.

What you should avoid during your second trimester:

  • As in the last post, extreme trunk flexion and one-sided training
  • Skipping movements
  • Holding your breath during weight training
  • Using a barbell for lifts where the growing belly impedes the bar path (e.g. Olympic lifts)

What you should focus on during your second trimester:

  • Everything we mentioned for the start of the pregnancy (check back on the post “How do you integrate fitness into your life when you just discovered that you are pregnant?”)
  • Putting emphasis on strict movement strength training
  • Moving with intention and working on breathing
  • Modifying movements when necessary while working on full range of motion (push-ups from an incline, one-legged squats onto a box)
  • Including more dumbbells and kettlebells into your training (if belly would impede bar path)

In my next post, I will be discussing changes for your exercise routine towards the end of your pregnancy, for the third and last trimester.

Stay tuned for our next BIRTHFIT posts!

If you are considering becoming a mom, are pregnant, just had a baby, or know someone who might be interested in learning more, please contact us for more information!