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Put Yourself In Your Client’s Shoes

Firsthand experience is one of the best teachers. And what better way to learn what works and what doesn’t in a personal training session than experiencing it from the client’s perspective?

A lot of trainers think they’re delivering a good session but if they were on the receiving end they might think twice. And I’m not just talking about exercise selection here. I’m talking about the whole session, everything from exercise selection to professionalism of the trainer to the general atmosphere of the training venue. Personal trainers aren’t just selling a workout, they’re selling an experience. Anyone can workout on their own, they go to a trainer to receive the whole experience of working out, being encouraged, feeling motivated, having fun, getting a solid workout without risking serious injury. I like to equate it to watching a movie. Anyone can sit at home and watch Netflix, but they go to the theater for the experience. Getting the ticket stubs ripped by the attendant, buying the popcorn, watching the previews and getting fully immersed in the art of cinema. The sooner personal trainers see their sessions as a work of creativity at the crossroads between fitness and theater, the sooner they’ll attract and retain more clients.

Experiencing firsthand what it’s like to be at the whim of a personal trainer will bring great insight into how you will want to craft your own training sessions. And the more trainers you work with, the more insights you will gain. Absorb the ideas you like and let them influence what you do and ignore the ones you don’t feel would improve your ability to deliver a quality session. At Function Health Club we’re offering a fantastic deal for anyone who signs up for any of our BCRPA Fitness Leadership Courses. You will automatically receive a complimentary introductory personal training package which includes 3 60min personal training sessions and a $25 credit for our nutrition consulting service! Experience firsthand what it’s like to be trained by some of the best in the business! Visit our BCRPA Fitness Leadership Courses webpage here or contact us here if you have any questions.


Besides being a regular contributor to the Function Health Club blog, Jeff Doyle is also the co-owner of Function Health Club as well as a Personal Trainer, BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders, Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor and Older Adult Wellness Practitioner. He also has a Bachelor of Human Kinetics. You can contact Jeff directly at