Weight Training Practicum

Prior to taking the Personal Training course you are required to complete a practicum. For further information about this practicum, please visit the BCRPA website here.

Students are welcome to set up their own practicums by finding volunteers to practice on, and a facility to train out of. They will need to show verification of their practicum to the Personal Training course instructor by providing a signed letter from the facility owner/manager and by providing copies of 20 exercise programs that they developed for the volunteers they trained.

For those students who are willing to pay for convenience, Function Health Club offers an in-house practicum. Our practicum is 10 hours in length and can be scheduled around days and times that are convenient for the student. The great thing about our practicum is that students get to work directly with Function Health Club trainers. That’s right, our team of personal trainers will act like clients, while the student plays the role of trainer. In this way students get direct feedback from real professionals who are already working in the field!

For those who are willing to pay, this is by far the quickest and easiest way of getting the people you need to practice your new skills on before you get out there in the real world.

Weight Training Practicum Rate: $400 + GST 

For further information about the process for becoming a BCRPA registered Personal Trainer, please click here.