Personal Training

Personal Training



As personal as it gets. At Port Coquitlam CrossFit, our family of Function Health Club coaches have an extensive body of knowledge—each having a deep understanding of different aspects of fitness. That means our members can train and get better in any area of fitness. The one-on-one setting gives the athlete the most attention and your coach will work with you to identify and clarify your fitness goals, assess your movement, and design a program specifically targeted at improving any movement deficiencies and optimizing your strengths, thereby enabling you to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

Our members choose private personal training for a variety of reasons. Some of them choose to come once, or for a specific number of sessions, and some come every day. Regardless of how many times you train, 1-on-1 personal training sessions in Port Coquitlam have their advantages:

  • Engage in workouts tailored specifically for you
  • Develop greater accountability
  • Build new skill sets
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Work within your schedule

Private coaching is recommended if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, are training for a specific sport or event, have significant health limitations, or just prefer the additional attention and accountability of a personal trainer.

Our coaches provide a range of services including:

  • Complete movement and strength assessment
  • Individualized Goal Specific Programming
  • Nutritional coaching
  • Goal setting
  • Video analysis
  • Email support & video chat


For those seeking a competitive edge, the Function Competitive Program at Port Coquitlam CrossFit is highly customized for the individual athlete’s goals. You will meet one on one with a coach to discuss your goals, strengths, weaknesses and nutrition. The coach will assess the athlete and devise a plan to present and review with you.

In Competitive Program you will not be working with your coach each session, rather you will receive your program and perform the prescribed workouts for your training sessions.

Learn more about our Port Coquitlam personal trainers and contact us directly today and set up a time to meet with us!