Weightlifting Club at Port Coquitlam CrossFit

Our CrossFit gym in Port Coquitlam is also home to our Olympic Weightlifting program, where we focus on the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk Olympic lifts. Olympic Weightlifting will develop explosive power, coordination and incredible balance and flexibility. It is a great supplement to any training regimen or sport, and is part of our Port Coquitlam CrossFit programming.  Olympic lifting is also very technical which is why we run a separate class just to focus solely on these complex lifts.

Weightlifting classes start March 2017. Experienced lifter? Join us at Port Coquitlam CrossFit for Open Gym time. Class Schedule

Powerlifting Movements

Port Coquitlam CrossFit’s Weightlifting program will also include powerlifting movements to the training: squat, deadlift and bench pressing.  These movements are essential to build a strong foundation whether you’re looking to further your Olympic lifting or simply become stronger human.  

We also recognize the many different styles of Weightlifting that exist today. Our program aims at exposing these styles and finding which one is best suited for each athlete. We believe that there is simply no “one size fits all” style in Weightlifting.  The program is run by Head Coach’s Caroline Mundell & Morgan Hodge who have vast experience with taking athletes to the next level. Having been involved in Weightlifting since their exposure to fitness training, they have both begun coaching and programming specifically for improvement in the sport of Weightlifting.

We work with any level athlete. Whether you are new and want to start learning the foundations of Weightlifting or if you are an advanced athlete looking for a new Personal Record, Function Weightlifting Club at Port Coquitlam CrossFit is the home for you.


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