New Water Technology

Our New Water Technology Available to Our Members:

  • Hydrates Your Body 6X Faster
  • Reduces muscle soreness and boost recovery
  • Reduces the effects of aging by providing massive amounts of electrical based antioxidants
  • Award Winning Green Technology that Reduces the harmful effects of Plastic Bottles in the Environment.
  • Water Quality Association Gold Seal for Water Quality

At Function Health Club we are committed to health, superior hydration, improved recovery and environmentally sustainable water solutions.

The human body is approximately 75% water yet many people are in a state of chronic dehydration with levels at 60% or less. The type of water that we put into our bodies drastically effects our health and performance. A 2% drop in hydration can result in a 15% drop in strength, a rise in muscle soreness, brain fog, tiredness, poor sleep and an increase in injuries.

Health authorities from Harvard Medical and other reputable scientific organizations have indicated the rampant use of disposable plastic bottles can cause short and long term physical damage when consumed by humans. The United Nations has called for a globalized plan to reduce single use plastic bottles because of the massive long term environmental issues.

Recent studies have indicated that Vancouver tap water contains a variety of different chemicals and pollutants which are also detrimental to health long term. Fortunately Function Fitness has found a healthy and sustainable solution to your hydration and health needs!

Due to our commitment to your health, we have brought in Krista Whiteside, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, who is an expert in hydration for better results in your training program. She will be providing education for our staff and our members on an ongoing basis so you can properly hydrate for maximum benefits while reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

For more details about our healthy hydration program please contact one of our staff members or Krista to attend one of our live or online education events.