We strive to provide a gym that allows all clients to have access to all the equipment and services they need! This is why at all Function Health Club locations you will find everything from your essential services to top of the line equipment.

Function Health Club

110 – 856 Homer Street

Vancouver, BC


Port Coquitlam CrossFit

3162 – 585 Seaborne Avenue

Port Coquitlam, BC

Gym Membership Gym Membership
Small Group Training Crossfit Membership
Personal Training Personal Training
Active Rehabilitation Active Rehabilitation
Nutrition Consulting Nutrition Consulting
Chiropractor Sports Prehab/Rehab
Private shower stalls Olympic Lifting
Towels, Bodywash, Shampoo Youth Programs
Massage (RMT)
Equipment: Equipment:
Cardio- Treadmills, Ellipticals, Machines- Air Assualt bikes, Rowers, GHDs
Spin bikes, and a rower Weights- Eileiko and Standard bumper plates
Weights- Dumbbells Ranging from 3-75lbs Kettlebells- Ranging from 8KG-32KG
Kettlebells- Ranging from 8KG-24KG Other: Full length wall mounted rig, multiple squat
Machines: Full wall circuit with leg press, leg racks, rings, sleds, speed ropes, bands and more
extension, hamstring curl, shoulder press,
lat pull down,assisted pull up, cable unit