ICE Evaluations

Part of the process of becoming registered as a personal trainer is to complete a practical evaluation of your skills through a tool called the Instructor Competency Evaluation, or ICE for short. There are 2 ICE’s in total, one after the Weight Training course, and another after the Personal Training Course.

There are ICE packages that students will need to download from the BCRPA website and bring to class. During each course the instructor will review the ICE packages and show how to fill them out correctly. To view the various ICE packages on the BCRPA website, please click here.

Although students can be evaluated by any BCRPA-approved ICE evaluator of their choice, Function Health Club does offer this service as well. And our boutique facility is the perfect environment for a rookie trainer to test their developing skills.

Rate: $100 + GST for each evaluation

For further information about the process for becoming a BCRPA registered Personal Trainer please click here.