Fitness Theory Course

The Fitness Theory Course is the first step in becoming a registered personal trainer with the BCRPA.  This course will equip you with a foundation of knowledge about exercise science and how the body works.  This course covers principles of anatomy, physiology, movement mechanics, training principles, program planning, exercise safety and nutrition.  All future fitness leadership courses will build on the information you learn in this course.  Completion of this course will prepare you for the BCRPA Fitness Theory exam. We offer a self-directed online Fitness Theory course that can be completed at your convenience.

Here is an example instructional video from the online course:

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Online Fitness Theory Course Rate: $59.99 + GST  REGISTER HERE

Upon completion of the online Fitness Theory course you will need to write the BCRPA Fitness Theory Exam, obtain your CPR and first aid certification, and then register in Fitness Theory. After that is completed, you can then move onto our Weight Training course. The BCRPA provides further information about the Fitness Theory exam, CPR and first aid certification, and Fitness Theory registration on their website:

To find this information on the BCRPA website please follow these instructions:

  • click here and then scroll down the page and then click on the drop down menu that says “As a New Fitness Leader”

For further information about the process for becoming a BCRPA registered Personal Trainer, please click here.