Morgan Hodge

Morgan Hodge
BKin., FMS, CPT, STR, CF-L1, CF-E., Kinesiologist & Strength Coach
Performance Nutrition
Strength Training
Body Fat Reduction
Functional Mobility
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I have always been fascinated by the capabilities of the human body and how our minds effect this by either aiding us or inhibiting us from achieving our true potential. This fascination is guided by the following three principles I live by and hope will resonate within yourself as well:

  1.  ALIGNMENT – to always strive for alignment of body and mind; without one the other is lost! #getyourmindright
  2. EXCELLENCE – pursuing excellence in every aspect of life to continuously be pushing the limits of what is possible. #pursueexcellence
  3. AMBITION – to never settle for average no matter what adversities or obstacles may present themselves. #ambitionoveradversity

All three principles build off the previous one thus creating alignment is the first step I take with any client I coach. This battle of mind over body can and often is an extremely challenging one but is one that I know can be molded and formed to work together instead of against each other. We all want to be healthy not just when we are young but as we age. We all want to be able to run around with our grandchildren or go on hikes or ride the seawall in our beautiful city. However, training is hard especially if you are dealing with some nagging injuries that just don’t seem to go away. Even more so training is hard when your mind is working against you; not for you!

I truly believe that your body is capable of extraordinary things, but sometimes it needs a little help to get there both mentally and physically. Which is where I come in. I love what I do. The strength gained, injuries healed and confidence built, that I see in my clients throughout their fitness lifestyle journeys is what fuels me every day. Pursuing excellence in body and mind is not only what I strive for in my daily life but what I challenge all my clients to strive for in theirs. The journey is rarely ever an easy one, but it shouldn’t be. No one ever changed when things were easy for them. It is the challenges in life that mold us and make us stronger. I challenge my clients to get their minds right be it when training, at work or just in their every day life. In doing so they continually create a stronger connection between mind and body. Sometimes you will fall and you will fail and that’s okay! In every failure there is something to learn, something to improve upon, a challenge to overcome. It is in overcoming those failures that we reach excellence in whatever we are striving for which is why I always feel fortunate to be a part of that positive change and transformation.

In your sessions, I work with you to find out exactly what it is your true needs are to be fit and healthy. We will always work together to achieve your short-term and long-term goals for your fitness and lifestyle. I will always do my part to help you reach those goals so long as you commit to doing yours. As with anything in life, if you don’t commit to what you are striving for, it will rarely if ever become a reality. I will ask you to commit to improving your mindset continuously while pursuing excellence in everything you do. Why ‘excellence’? Well, I don’t believe in perfection. Perfection means there is nothing to improve upon and personally I feel we can always improve on something which is why I choose to pursue excellence. Once I reach excellence at a certain level or by obtaining a certain goal, then there is always something greater to then strive for and accomplish. Excellence is not a singular act but instead a habit.

A little about me: I graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley, with a focus on Pedagogy and from Capilano University with a Diploma in Exercise Science. I grew up in Burnaby which is where I train the majority of my clients however I have multiple locations I work out of throughout the lower mainland. I have also competed on many levels, most recently as a CrossFit athlete during the 2015 CrossFit Open. Growing up my sport of choice was basketball, of which I played at a high level from Grade 6 through till my senior year of highschool. I also competed as a rower on my universities rowing team.

In my spare time, I love to pick heavy stuff up and put it back down repeatedly as well as go for hikes, discover new places to eat as I have a love for food of all kinds and I wouldn’t be where I am today without my friends and family whom I love spending time with as often as I can.