Angela Loewen Houston

Angela Loewen Houston
Bachelor of Applied Health Science, Certified Athletic Therapist
Athletic Therapy
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Angela graduated from Sheridan College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Applied Health Science and then certified as an Athletic Therapist. Since then, she has been sought by athletes, academics, office workers, and construction workers to help them restore optimal health and performance. Angela has a wealth of experience working with orthopaedic surgeons on post operative cases ranging from debilitating back pain to knee and hip replacements. With such experience, Angela strongly values working in an environment with a variety of practitioners all unified by common principles.  Not only does she believe it makes her a better therapist, but that teamwork leads to better results for her clients.

Angela has always been driven to improve her manual therapy skill set. In 2013 she started studying Osteopathy and has specialized training in cranial sacral therapy, kinesio taping, and visceral manipulation.  Angela believes that continuing education in these areas have enabled her to provide more comprehensive treatments to her clients.  In doing so, Angela has been able to follow her passion of providing a holistic treatment method that focuses on addressing the root causes of problems and less on treating their symptoms.

Angela grew up playing competitive fastball and values the importance of movement.   She understands that the best way to optimize health and performance is to remove the restrictions that limit movement while empowering her clients to move more efficiently and move more often.

When not working you will find Angela, hiking, spinning in the gym, seeking out new coffee shops, taking courses with her husband at Regent College, tending to her garden, or on the hunt for her next travel destination. Currently, she is preparing for her thesis and entering into her fifth and final year of Osteopathy at the Canadian School of Osteopathy in Vancouver.