No matter what your fitness goals are or what style of training you like to perform, yoga is for everyone. No matter what your age or experience level, our highly experienced instructors will give you an experience that you’ll want to come back for again and again.

Yoga facilitates the flexibility that all of us deeply need, especially in our sedentary world of sitting for long periods of time. Most of the aches and pains people experience come from a lack of mobility because of tight muscles and other tissues. Yoga helps correct these negative forces by taking the joints of the body through full ranges of motion.

If you’re someone who likes to train hard then you need to balance all that training with the rejuvenating forces of yoga. You’ll notice improved strength and coordination making Yoga an excellent addition to any strength and conditioning program.

Gym Rebalancing Yoga

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A day with yoga is not like other days. This class will enhance mindfulness through powerful pranayama ( yoga’s breath techniques), connect you to your core with some challenging ab work, tone and strengthen muscle and connective tissue with classic Hatha poses – and relax you deeply with delicious Savasana (relaxation).


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