BCRPA Registration Process

At Function Health Club we understand that the process of becoming registered as a personal trainer can be a little confusing for some people. We have lots of experience taking students through this process quickly and efficiently. We will work with you and the BCRPA to ensure your registration experience is as smooth as possible.

We have provided a breakdown of the registration process below. We will also take the time during our in-class courses to answer any questions you have about BCRPA registration and renewal. The BCRPA also provides a breakdown of their Fitness Leader registration process on their website:

To find this information on the BCRPA website please follow these instructions:

  • click here and then scroll down the page and then click on the drop down menu that says “As a New Fitness Leader”

To see the schedule of upcoming in-class Weight Training and Personal Training courses, please click here.

Congratulations! You are now fully registered with the BCRPA as a personal trainer!

Upon successful registration the BCRPA will contact you with details regarding insurance coverage. They also have information about insurance policies on their website as well as the HUB International TOS website.

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